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tv   [untitled]    September 3, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is a historic trip for india as the chinese defense minister has been visited this country in nearly a decade and the top priority for the list of things to discuss on this trip are strengthening the india china border and promoting a stronger cooperation between the two countries armed forces many people believe that india and china because they have two of the fastest growing economies in the world should be rivals but a lot of analysts i've spoken with have actually said that a partnership between the neighbors actually makes more sense with forty per cent of the world's population and at a time when these two countries' economies are growing while many of the traditional western powers their economies are decreasing many people say that a partnership between india and china could actually be detrimental to a country like the united states the united states actually exports eight point four billion dollars of arms to india every year and india is actually the number
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one importer in the entire world many people say the united states is interested in india to counterbalance china's growing influence in this region and to have a strategic ally here when the united states plans to withdraw its troops from afghanistan twenty four team so while other countries might have an interest in what kind of relationship india and china has all signs are pointing to stronger military and economic ties between the two countries but china india alliances cue to come during america's typing grasp on south asia as well as to keep the region afraid while major western economies are declining so. a historian and researcher of some of asian and you with politics. the country whose interest will take a. knock will definitely be the united states if it wants to be who
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ambitious. in its efforts to and settle china that's what president obama's policy right now seems to be because he has said some kind of go that. the united states wants to focus its policy on china which means containment of china so any improvement in relations between china and india would not be welcomed in washington however for the beating that summer it's good news that the economies of china and india will increasingly depend on each other and therefore that your rest of the brics countries. which is a need reminding economic block. i think it is good news that china and india can improve their lives their friends increased trade and at a time when when the economies of the west are suffering. the growing financial
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clout of asian countries and the global implications that it could have is also the focus of peter lavelle's debate with his guest in cross talk showing at nineteen thirty g.m.t. here's a quick preview. on the eve of the meeting of the pacific economic cooperation regional to what degree is the global economy now centers in the east and so are we living in the pacific century and if we are what does it really mean. another fly in the on demand for russian british relations in london has apparently followed in washington's footsteps and approved a blacklist of russian officials prevented from stepping onto its sole individuals are accused of human rights abuses in connection with the case of said gay magnitsky a russian lawyer who died in custody while that from marty's playboy. russia's ambassador to the u.k. wants an explanation from the u.k.
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foreign office after it emerged in the sunday times that the u.k. home secretary had sent a list of around sixty russian officials to the british embassy in moscow in order to ban them from traveling to russia now the list contains the names of russian judges prosecutors and intelligence officials who london believes are involved in the death of the russian based lawyer so again magnitsky he worked for the london based company hermitage capital fund and he died in pretrial detention back in two thousand and nine in moscow now that he was jailed for tax evasion and awaiting detention his family say that he died because of repeated beatings and being refused medical care and now the investigation into the case in russia is still ongoing but it's had a big resonant place at home and a board earlier the u.s. said that it had also banned around sixty russian officials from traveling to the
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u.s. speaking often magnitsky is death the van president dmitry medvedev he said that the people who are accused of economic crimes and tax crimes in particular they should not be put into pretrial detention and of course most of this as long as death is a big tragedy but they've called on other nations not to stage a political show regarding the matter and they've promised a tough response to any foreign sanctions that could be put in place over the case . a whole lot more also lined up for you in the program including a look at those coping with catastrophe international sanctions because syria off from the outside world depriving thousands of basic necessities while those who work in the countries that sector is only one and tool. cambodia is reportedly working to extradite one of the co-founders of the file sharing website pirate bay to sweden afraid to work was arrested by local police
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following a request from sweden where he was sentenced to a year in jail for copyright offenses the vault of street is a pirate party a regular fall vignette says the arrest itself raises questions the jury is still out on the what unfortunately there are conflicting reports of. what really led to this arrest i've heard reports about a bar brawl being the run up to it with just the local police interfering with. a local disturbance. the american ambassador being income both at the time of his arrest highlevel talks taking place. this morning as was mentioned reports surfaced the year rest was a result of swedish authorities. for assistance from cambodia despite the lack of an extradition agreement. so this pirate party
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a million and his daughter says there's always been a lot of pressure to see the founders of the pirate bay behind. there was really really big international pressure even at the time going to the pirate bay try or to make us give a harsh punishment to these three essential young men that were buying into our interactive together in their time the pirate bay have been very defining for the right debate and in speed and the way that they needed. to question their relationship with knowledge and sharing and how the days and. this pressure still lingers on leg and there are still major industrial nations in the ground they think are still are lying quite hard to get into line pressure on. other countries to local and international events as. still ahead for you later this hour an international clash over cash the u.k.
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is accused of safeguarding the assets of the gyptian regime with the property of some key figures in hosni mubarak the in a circle sting i'm touched by the international sanctions. for the children's cartoon classics that may now only be suitable for adults and new age rating system for t.v. programs in russia draws up animated. that you billions are reported dead after a u.s. drone attack gone wrong in yemen the unmanned aircraft was apparently talking to the call of an alleged al qaeda militant but hit two other vehicles near the city of washington has stepped up its drone operations in that country in recent months but civilian casualties are rarely mentioned in the official reports or more we can now turn to a writer and web journalist line dorsenne joining us via boyfriend thank you very much for joining us here on our mr dawson now the u.s. claims its drone strikes surgically effective yet this most recent case is more
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evidence to the contrary why isn't the american public aware of the civilian casualties that are being caused by these unmanned aircraft attacks. well first of all i don't think their claim that there should they are surgical is at all accurate here killed fourteen people are actually read in the report eight people were killed last week again the u.s. trained all of them were al qaida but it turned out one of the people murdered was silent in our leverage over who was a cleric who is actually vocal against al-qaeda and we've seen this stand as well they rarely even give names of the victims at all so that part is already. discredited completely to say their surgical strikes i think there was a bump in the news coverage somewhere when a sixteen year old american was killed in yemen by one of the nobel peace to. runs from the president but there hasn't been much coverage it really depends. if you're
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getting all of your news from the state owned media of a.b.c. n.b.c. c.b.s. fox then you're not going to hear much about it but there is also a generation of americans who are getting their news online and that's pretty easy to find right so different networks reporting different things on their drone attacks now the campaign in pakistan they're going to campaign in pakistan once a staunch american ally has greatly any in aid to the local population from the u.s. cause well the same thing happened in yemen do you think. unfortunately i believe one of the more nasty things that has been happening in pakistan is this policy of the follow up attack in which the drone will take out what we soon militants but often are civilians and then do a second strike killing the people who go to aid those murdered in the original strike and that has been very disastrous in pakistan and last july in yemen we had a similar process occurring and it can do nothing but alienate the locals now while
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the wars in afghanistan and iraq get all the attention the air strike campaign in yemen is where you mentioned by washington what is the u.s. trying to hide if anything. actually even the war in afghanistan didn't get that much attention joe recently. the u.s. is hiding a large part of this whole debacle is assisting saudi arabia their partners as well in the fiasco in syria or the g.c.c. in nato are hiring mercenaries there as well this is the saudis interest the conflict in yemen is it has been going on since the sixty's this isn't just part of the random arab spring. now is the drone campaign reaching its military goals especially given that you know the whole areas of yemen are still under militant control. that would depend on what you assume the military goals even are. sometimes the military industrial complex spends money just for the sake of it it's
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not always to win sometimes it's a process of killing what you create and i don't really agree that this is really a conflict between islamic militants versus the government gaming was just unified in one nine hundred ninety eight a civil war in one thousand nine hundred four south yemen has had a success in movement since two thousand and seven and it wasn't about religion or ethnicities it was about resources the jar the oil is in that side of the country although a majority the profits been allocated to the northeast or monetary issues it is be calm more of a religious issue because of the press and because of the u.s. policies of killing civilians drives people in that direction there don't even have to see idea ideologically they just have a common enemy now mr dawson just a last question very briefly the paul they created by the yemeni version of the arab spring has enabled something islamist militants to move the end but has it also given the americans more room to operate day with impunity. well i
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think they're doing that already is the german strikes as you asked before afghanistan and iraq more attention because they had more american boots actually on the ground this is a playground for the drone warfare and this is assisting saudi arabian it seems of keeping ayman divided as they have been doing since the sixty's this is an gaiman's for civil war right let's leave it right there thank you very much a writer and web journalist wind all things joining us from japan and the speaking to us on the drone strikes that are happening around. now the new international peace envoy to syria has described his job as near impossible lotter brahimi went on to say that not enough is being done to stop the violence both on the side of the government and the rebels meanwhile another car bomb explosion rattled a christian neighborhood in damascus today killing four people including a child and as the syrian death toll rises so do the streams of refugees fleeing
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syria to join the hundreds of thousands who've already left sanctions or to make ordinary life difficult in syria with canada ramping up its measures against damascus ten times this yeah and as old son a boy carried her that's now up to syrian bombers. in last life line of defense against a humanitarian catastrophe. reaping the harvest of economic isolation and a good one farmers across syria are as b.z. as ever collecting to foods of their labor decades of economic sanctions haven't taught syria to rely on no one but itself at least when it comes to agricultural production and there are no cell grapes about it now while the political pressure on syria is mounting this country is still fully able to feed its people. almost everything that adds up on syrian tables is growing here in the country's south far from the clashes and this year spared the usual drought these fields are probably
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the government's best had against all sorts of foreign pressure aiming to undermine its support base. syria has experienced sanctions since the 1980's and it is told the country to be self-sufficient now i go culture is well structured we have all the seeds fertilizers of water they haven't been damaged by the sanctions or by the ongoing clashes i can say that agriculture still remains among the sectors least affected by the clashes well this place still looks like a sanctuary of peace the war is heard here all too well seventy three year old jimmy webb says he understands the young who want their country to change what he can't accept is their means. people who are misled and hold weapons fight the government and destabilize the country iran i hope they'll calm down we all need peace to return to syria. polarized on so many levels the syrian conflict has
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also drawn the line between villagers and city dwellers as violence continues in urban areas people in the countryside are working hard to feed the two warring parties attacking villagers out in rural areas isn't going to really help them in accomplishing their task which is to try to get assad out of out of power and so i think and that's certainly not going to get the syrian people on their side so i think that the attacks are are being concentrated in urban areas where they have the greatest chance to affect syria economically and potentially to strike at military targets in the aleppo clashes are still the order of the day but twenty kilometers west mohammad is trying to preserve one of his family's to be colonies the other new homes is thought to have been destroyed they couldn't access it for more than six months. i don't want to come into the politics it's too dangerous now all i can say is i think using weapons was the biggest mistake. the syrian
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beekeepers are absolutely convinced that a superior to all foreign species is that ability to withstand hardship and the blight of that pastures and as clashes in the north continue taking that toll on the industry many here hope that there is the only answer of syrian peace will also be transferred to the kippers that's not going to artsy syria. don't forget to log on to our website for the story and more at r.t. dot com and here is what you can also find they right now why did you shoot over the right to drink it's got the unusual items banned of by the u.s. police the head of the democratic national convention. and the supersonic jets pilot apparently almost couldn't use a highway in russia with an airstrip warning right over their heads up drivers.
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is still watching r t thanks for being with us now media reports have surfaced are suggesting that the u.k. has failed to freeze some of the asses of top officials in the former regime of former egyptian leader the move targeting hosni mubarak and his in a circle was introduced in february last year after the latest down amid mass rallies professor of international relations mark element of things london may be using the ass's as a tool of political manipulation. britain seems to use the phrase in all not creeds in the assets held by all deceased to her. to a source and really for political reasons it's a reward not through frozen goes through will form its both who don't do it even when perhaps ground zero to. the wall of hitler and some of our friends cutting off
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the employer of dubious forms of thirty money as it's almost all goes into the banks and into the property sector to clean the high and property in london and the southeast it would be a huge blow to a pretty weak economy if it is already so the government here has both its international role by politics in the middle east once and in some of our machine others but also to the rest of it's all very weak at the moment. a drive to make russian t.v. more child friendly fire the new in all clean up the country's early prime slot from scenes of an old nature critics say the legislation is so ambiguous that even courtrooms might end up being hit by the ban. of reports. of violence. it's become almost as widespread in t.v. and popular culture as bad language go ahead eric it's all right. creative for an adult audience graphic and explicit content is often watched by
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children something which russian legislators have decided to try to put a stop to. people usually associate themselves with fictional characters they see on t.v. and if adults can understand and analyze that for children the characters both positive and negative are models which they absorb and take with. the new law forces t.v. radio and online media to mark the programs that are showing by for each cannabinoids ranging from six to eighteen moreover programs depicting things like sex violence drugs and so on can now only be shown after eleven pm and two four am there's just one problem. there is a paragraph in this which is supposed to explain which content this applies to and which he doesn't like for example information of cultural and historic value but stipulation is written so loosely nobody understands exactly what's cultural value
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and what sort of information is of such value. since the law doesn't give a list of films which are of special value but tension leaving the classics of old and soviet cinema and animation could become a band for children like one theme a series of cartoons where the wolf sometimes smokes tobacco. it's absurd the soviet cartoons were used to make her not only humane. they're interesting children in a positive way and smoking is merely a quibble it's up to media outlets to discern for themselves which programs can be shown when and what age rating to give them but in official commission will be tasked with ruling on any breaches of the guidelines the penalties include a fine of up to six thousand dollars and even the possibility of the suspension of the stations broadcasting license for three months many people agree an initiative of this kind was necessary however there are doubts the current law is workable
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could actually confuse the viewers and the media or others believe if it is possible to police the media it's much more difficult to police the children who often find a way to watch whatever they want anyway you've got to get off moscow. now look at some other world news in brief. people have been going at least one thousand wounded after. the. blast occurred in an area of the town of pressure wall where several foreign organizations are pacing clearing the u.n. no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack and american sentimental runs rife in pakistan spurred by the outrage over civilian deaths in u.s. drone attacks and a recent reopening of nato supply routes through the country. thirty people have been killed in the overnight clashes between turkish security forces and the dish middletons in the country some ten soldiers and police men were among the casualties the attack had talked to the security complex of the insurgency has
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stepped up its campaign in turkey in recent months taking advantage of the ongoing civil war in syria. now the european union's a poor as member borg area has suspended its plans to join the eurozone the decision to snub the single currency comes into growing economic instability in the block and a shift in bulgaria and public opinion the country is entering its third year of an austerity program the debt crisis in europe has already called us several vulnerable e.u. nations show wave from adopting that you are including lead via and. ryan let's go get the latest business update now with marina so what investors are focusing on right now all the other when it comes to the us let me tell you it's definitely don't work and that's because they're celebrating labor day i shall not mention in the u.s. markets today but if you take
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a look at europe we'll see that the focus really is actually on the euro zone but we're seeing the moving simplistic and in fact we're still buying for. the purpose of the footsie and that's added over a half a percent and then all of this is despite every. for that show the manufacturing side more than initially expected for the long. haul and take a look at currencies and see what's happening there with the euro when it comes to that we're seeing that it's going against the u.s. all over sell some of the clients earlier in the day when it comes to the ruble as you can see there at the national trade and. now russian markets the spite some volatility in oil prices we did see the russian markets performance particularly well both r.t.s. and m i six added over want to preserve and investors here are really focusing on the asia pacific corp summit which is about safe place in russia's foreign starts talk more about the fact russia has this. position between europe and asia which
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some say will help global companies prosper in the region r.t. caught up ahead of the summit and spoke to one of the biggest industrial holdings in the country that sumo group and the head there explains why there's so much potential in this region. chairing apec russia demonstrated that it is capable of using its soft power our initiatives in regional integration transportation food security and innovation growth have been supported by all of the business council members russia will only be able to fully capitalize on its role of a geographic bridge between europe and asia if it improves its own infrastructure make elations at the moment less than one percent of trade volumes between those two parts of the world a chance polluted by russian territory it's literally nothing the projects we're offering to develop will enable russia to increase the volume of transit through
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its territory by up to five percent. now russia's membership and the world trade organization of course many fears about what will happen and how local companies will survive the competition well earlier we spoke to the head of the second the largest bank in the country that's v. to be and he said that this will in fact create a lot of potential for the financials the lenders and the country let's listen to what he had. financial crisis in america the europe led to situation when we have actually had the weakening of the financial competition in russia and as you see the russian banks started to be more active in other parts of the world in europe in asia so i think that's a good time for us and banks to expand and that's what we should be doing. and we have a lot of interest coming up this week of course as the apec summit everyone's gearing up to that the business elite from around the world is coming down so we'll have a lot of interest from there but for now to have a bacteria in the well thanks for that update marina right i will be back with our
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download the official application cellphone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's now t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. only needs your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time. they're watching our t.v. thanks for being with us because we have a headline the world's two largest armies are those of india and china and bail
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plans to work more closely maybe western countries on the edge of their growing influence in the pacific. moscow threatens london with diplomatic repercussions if it confirms that its move to ban dozens of russian officials from entering the u.k. over there let's roll in the magnitsky case where top lawyer died in custody. the long arm of the copyright industry reaches all the way to cambodia with one of the fugitive founders of the pirate bay while sharing site now facing extradition to sweden. and the u.s. as a spends training of some afghan security personnel after a surge in insider attacks on coalition forces that says nato admits it is a failed to conduct a thorough background checks on the recruits. right now as the tension around the mosque of the third holiest site in islam continues to build r.t. talked to dr shaikh. preform a grand mufti of jerusalem and part.


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